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Today I had my second class of pole dance, and god my body hurts ! Like, some muscles hurt, that I did not even suspect I had. So when I went to the supermarket, I did not want to ruin the effort by buying a frozen pizza, fat and greasy, and not even that good. I erred at least 20 minutes and then saw a can of kidney beans. One of my colleague is obsessed with kidney beans, he has it in every single dishes he eats ! So I thought why not, let’s be healthy and try a Mexican-inspired dish.

There is something you should know now. I LOVE garlic. I put it everywhere ! My grandma even eats raw garlic cloves for breakfast (she will deny it but we have witnesses). So I put 3 garlic cloves in that dish. If you are not as garlic-obsessed as me, I guess 2 are enough. Chop them with 2 little onions and 2 jalapeños, and stir fry them for a few minutes, medium heat. Add the kidney beans then, a can, and 800 grams of tomato coulis. A bouquet of fresh coriander, and fire with spices ! 3 spoons of cumin, 2 spoons of sweet chili, 2 spoons of paprika. It seems a lot but it’s so tasty !

Prepare the rice now, and while it cooks, cover the sauce with very low heat, so it stays warm and the spices kick in, but it does not dry out. The orange thingy you see on my pictures, on top of the sauce, is melted grated cheddar. De-li-f*cking-cious !

I hope you liked this very simple and tasty recipe ! It took me 30 minutes max to cook it. I could have added minced meat, chorizo or even chicken in the sauce, but I like to keep it veggie sometimes. Bon appétit !

Bisous bisous ;)