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A friend of mine recently gave me little pack of French tea coming straight from Paris. Marco Polo by Mariage Frères. This is the best smelling tea ever. I drank some yesterday watching Downton Abbey and actually feeling stupid holding my silly very standard and ugly Ikea cup. Today I wanted to feel a bit more authentic and decided a British Apple Crumble would fit perfectly for the circumstance. (The circumstance being me having a new posh expensive and good smelling tea).

For that very easy recipe you will first need 8 apples. Peel them and cut them in dices, or ask your loved ones to help you because it hurts your arms.

In a saucepan, melt 50 gr of butter. Add the apple dices and as much cinnamon as you wish (I put 3 or 4 tea spoons! The more the better!). Let it cook with medium heat, 10 minutes if you like them a bit crunchy, 15 to 20 if you like them softer. Put the apples in a cake mold (or whatever you want that goes into the oven).

Now prepare the dough : 150 gr of butter, half melted, 200 gr sugar and 200 gr flour. Wash your hands … wash them better … now get to it ! The dough is indeed “crumbly” so it should not stick together. It must feel kind of like wet sand. If it does stick together in a block, add more flour.

Spread the crumbles above the apples. Put the mold in the oven, around 35 minutes at 180 degrees. Eating it warm with vanilla ice cream makes it sooo much better. Drink tea with it, of course ! Although a glass of fresh milk would be delicious too.

Bon appétit, bisous bisous ;)