Yesterday and today I have been pretty sick, and the boyfriend was away so I stayed alone in my apartment. Perfect excuse to eat frozen pizza, cereals, ice cream and whatever else lays in the fridge that would take 2 steps to prepare : 1 grab it, 2 eat it. Nope! Not 2 days in a row, or I can’t call myself a human being anymore. Tonight I decided to get my shit together, swallow a couple of pills, and prepare myself a decent dinner. I give you, stir fried sea food on their pancake bed with rucola.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor one person, I defrosted 5 tropical shrimps, a dozen scallops, and a handful of mushrooms. I know, frozen food is bad, but I am not a millionaire, I do not buy fresh seafood, and who wants to go and buy mushrooms every time you need it when you can just store it nicely in the freezer ? So yes, frozen food. Just lay them in a bowl with water so they defrost quietly.

Now prepare the pancakes : In a rather big bowl, mix 1 egg, 11 cl of milk (don’t be lazy and put just 10cl and then blame me because the pancake was too compact), and 2.5 big spoons of melted butter. Then add 95 grams of flour and a 10 grams of baking powder. (Recipe Bonus : if you add 20 grams of vanilla sugar, you can have them for breakfast !) Whip it so it almost gets creamy. You can wait 15 minutes so the baking powder kicks in, but don’t have to.

Warm a little frying pan with high heat, melt butter on it and wipe it all over the surface. Then bring back to medium heat, and with a ladle, pour some dough in the frying pan, spreading it so it covers up the surface. Wait a couple of minutes until it gets a bit dry and bubbly, and flip it over with a spatula. Or make it jump French style, but I did not dare do that… Wait again one minute, remove the pancake and wipe again some butter on the frying pan before you bake another one. With the proportions I gave you I could make 4 pancakes of 12 cm diameter and 5 mm thick.


Now that the seafood is defrosted, turn on high heat on a bigger frying pan, and melt around 30 gr of butter. As soon as it is all melted, back to medium heat or the butter will burn. Throw the shrimps, scallops and mushrooms in there, and add 3 mashed cloves of garlic. You can also sprinkle some ginger or paprika powder, but I like the taste of sea food and garlic very pure, so nothing else than salt and pepper for me. You will see the scallops camarelize and the shrimps shrink, that’s the sign it’s almost ready. Lay one or two pancakes on a plate, either plain or with garlic fresh cheese spread on it (which I chose here), as much rucola as you want, and now poor the seafood on it. You can add just a dash of olive oil, and my favorite ingredient ever : tabasco.

This is a super nice dish to serve in a fancy-ish dinner, or if you want it as a starter you can have just one little pancake with very little seafood and salad. White wine is obviously the best option with it, however I drank Jasmin tea and it surprisingly matched very well.

Bon appétit, bisous bisous ;)