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A few days ago, 7AM in the elevator with my boyfriend, on our way to work, I saw something white in the corner of his eye and removed it saying you must have skipped it when washing you face this morning. He replied, “I did not wash my face”. You mean you didn’t have time this morning ? No, I just never wash my face in the morning. … @#&??!!

Today I would like to take some time to say that it is important to wash your face, morning and evening, every day, especially if you wear make up ! No excuse is available not to do it. Of course, washing your face is important, but doing it accordingly to your skin type is even more important! I have a combination skin, which means that my T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) tend to get oily, with blackheads and zits if I don’t take care of it (how glamorous!), and the rest of my face is normal to dry. I use a Japanese technic to wash mine, that is called layering, and holds in 6 steps :


1. Make up remover : I use an organic almond oil, that is perfect to hydrate and soothe the skin, without making it oily or greasy. Oil is indeed a perfect make up remover especially for the ones who use waterproof mascara or eye liner, or who are smokey eyes addicted. Apply a few drops on your hands, and massage your face with it, taking off the powder, mascara and other little dirts. It is sooo relaxing ! This step in only to be done in the evening though, not morning.

2. Washing the face : I use the Benefiance cleansing foam, by Shiseido. It is a very soft and smooth foam that smells very clean, and helps removing the oil you previously applied. I also have an olive oil liquid soap that I use in the morning, that just freshens up my skins and removes the bacteria from the night.

3. A toner : No, a toner is NOT just water, otherwise why would we pay it so much ? It contains many natural elements that will help your skin get what it needs. Either you have a water spray and you just spray it on your face, or just apply some on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. It will help getting rid of the limestone from the water you used to wash your face. I use one from TimeBalm, with White tea and Sunflower extract, and it does the job perfectly !

4. A Serum : According to the problems you have (dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles, skin rash, zits, …) you can choose a serum among the 1000 available, that will be the most adapted to you. What I use is Aloe Vera gel, because it hydrates the skin from the inside but kind of dries it from the outside. Perfect for combination skin then ! I also started to use a solid serum called Full of Grace by Lush, right after the Aloe Vera gel, that soothe the skin and makes it feel really relaxed !

5. An eye contour : The skin around your eyes is very thin and gets dry very fast, and this is why it tends to become darker and wrinkly faster than the rest of your face. For that reason you need a special moisturizer, that you need to apply carefully and gently, with your ring finger, around your eye, following the bone of your skull (just touch your face around your eye, you will find it … Or else go see a doctor!). Note : the 4th and 5th step can be skipped by under 25 y-o.

6. Moisturize : Now that your face is clean, liberated from the make up, dirt, limestone, and soothed, you can moisturize it. Yes, even oily skins should be moisturized. There are fat and thick creams of course, for very dry skins, but for combination or oily skins I would recommend oil-free creams, that just hydrate you face from the inside but don’t make it super shiny or greasy. I use an organic ginseng oil-free cream from Origins, that really boosts my skin and make it lighter.

It does NOT take forever, barely 10 to 15 minutes. If that’s all it takes for a dazzling skin, it’s really not much ! (Yes, there are masks also but while you wait for them to dry up you can do something else so it does not count). Something else : if/when you have a zit, of course you should not touch it and nervously play with it, but if you can’t help it, please please please at least wash your hands before you do ! Thanks!

I hope you found that article interesting and it answered to some unconscious questions. Bisous bisous ;)