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I am a horrible spoilt child, I love gifts, my favorite day of the year is my birthday, when I become the most annoying and egoistic person ever, and then my second favorite day of the year is Christmas. There, I said it ! I love to buy things myself, of course, but then it’s not a surprise, I don’t get excited to discover what it is, I don’t think about it over and over again until the day it arrives. This is why I decided to get a subscription to the GlossyBox.

The concept of beauty boxes is : you pay in advance for 6 months, let’s say, and you receive a box every month, with 5 or 6 skin care or make up products. They are supposed to be samples, but big enough so you can use them at least one month, and then buy the full-size product if you liked it. Usually brands that you did not know before, or that everyone talks about and you always wanted to try.

Today I received my second Glossybox, and it was even more ravishing than the first one ! I got super lucky and got only full-size products. 2 brands that I already know, and 3 that I don’t know yet but that I cannot wait to test ! In my January Glossybox were :

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn eye-shadow from The Make Up Store. One of my favorite make up brand, very good quality or product, last long as well on your skin and for you to use, intense pigmentation, original products, colors, and packaging, almost as high-quality as Mac but way cheaper. I already have many lipsticks, foundation and eye shadows from them, I did not have this one and I am not sure the color will suit me, but I shall try and see.


A Nail treatment. Composed with garlic, which is said to be amazingly moisturizing and rewarding for nails and hair, it does not smell like garlic, thank god. It actually looks like a transparent nail polish, to apply once or twice a week, to strengthen them and make them shine. I have never heard of that brand Absolute, and they don’t seem to have a website, so I couldn’t link it here :( As well, I never tried any garlic-based product, but rest assure that I will try it, as soon as I remove my polish (that is getting old anyway) and get back to you with my impressions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA lip balm with an orange test from Fruit Gorilla & Friends. I did not know that brand, it has the Eco certificate on it, which is a good thing both for my body and the environment. I have tried it already, it does not smell or taste like orange, but it moisturize very efficiently. Not sticky, greasy or glossy, exactly what I expect from a lip balm. The only “bad” thing is that it comes in a can, so you have to rub your finger in it, and wash it after. Interesting fact : they adopt an orphan baby gorilla for each 1000 products sold! And they wrote on the can ” I helped save a gorilla “. Rock n roll !

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother brand I had never heard of, Kueshi. They send me a Aloe Vera toner, to poor on a cotton pad after washing your face, to clean deeper after the soap, and bring freshness and comfort to your skin. I already have a cucumber toner from the brand The balm, and it is actually the first and only one I have ever tried, so let’s see if this one is better or worse. It does not say for what kind of skin it is, I am guessing all kind, even sensitive. Just the color of it pleases my girly eyes !! Little good thing : no paraben in that lotion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast but not least, a condensed detox drink from Yves Rocher. Basically you need to dilute 50 ml in 1L of water, keep it fresh and drink it throughout the day. A mix of dandelion extract and green tea, it is supposed to cleanse you from the inside, make your toxin hate you and leave you, and have a pure, sane, and healthy body. Amen to that, sister ! This bottle may seem small but it actually weighs half a liter ! It should be enough for 10 days, they say. I will try from tomorrow ! Anyway, drink a liter of water a day, with dandelion or not, is very good to cleanse your toxins away.

I may or may not write articles about each product more specifically, you can ask also if you want a particular feedback. I will also wait another 30 days with great impatience for the February box, which theme is Valentine’s day (of course …) Now if you’ll excuse me, I will remove my nail polish to try that garlic thingy, and wash my face so I can apply my new lotion on. Bisous bisous ;)