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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo, this article will not be about pancakes and blueberry jam, I just wanted to brag about my awesome breakfast, and also show you my new skills. I bought a great camera that I don’t really know how to use yet, but I’m a fast learner. That being said, I thought the colors would fit perfectly for the palette I will present you today : See you at Midnight by Sleek.

It is my 4th Sleek palette, I already had an eye-shadow one, a blush one, and a contouring kit. I will not take a picture of them, they got completely destroyed by my obsessive use of them over the past 6 months. Their colors are all amazing, very unique, either mat or sparkly. The countouring and blush kits are very easy to apply on the face and to work with, and the eye shadows are amazingly well blending. So when I saw this one with -40% I just had to get it as well.

This little marvel has a perfect size for traveling, or just having in your handbag. It closes with a kind of magnet so it will not open in your bag and spread its powder everywhere on your things and just die there (it has happened to the best of us).

4 eyeshadows, a sparkly light beige one, perfect for the inside corner of the eyes, or to highlight under the eyebrow. Then 3 shades of purples ; an indigo one, aubergine, and deep purple one. Then a blush, dark pink, close to purple, and a bronzer, that looks light on the palette but is actually kind of dark on the cheeks.

It is called “see you at midnight”, and they are indeed colors to wear at night, because heavily pigmented, especially for light skins. I have tested the colors for you on my arm (I have an olive skin) and on my lovely and cooperative boyfriend, who is the whitest person ever, so you can compare. The eyeshadows can be worn during the day of course, and you can use the pink blush as one, but I would not recommend to wear it in broad day light, for it does look like you’re on your way to a night club. But if you are indeed going out in the evening, or in a dimly lit place, please have fun with it !

Bisous bisous ;)