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The first question my family and friends from France always ask me when they call, is ” so how cold is it now ? What’s the temperature in Stockholm ? “. It is cold indeed, and despite the snow, winter gets a bit depressive. So when you’re home, you want to get as cosy as possible. Light some candles, have warm tea on the sofa with a soft plaid on your knees. What I like to do is cook a soup that will make the whole apartment smell good and warm up.

The recipe of today is a butternut squash soup. Halfway between the pumpkin and the sweet potato, the butternut squash is super creamy and soft, almost sweet. Wikipedia says it contains Vitamin C, E, and A, fibers, Magnesium, and Potassium. Amen to that !

You need for this soup, 1 butternut squash, 2 or 3 onions (depending on their size), 3 cloves of garlic, 1 apple, some chili, 2 deciliters of liquid cream, olive oil.

First you’ll need to peel the squash. Don’t even bother taking a peeler, the skin is so thick, you’ll break the peeler. Just go with your biggest butcher knife, and slice the peel off. Then dice it and lay it on a dish with salt and olive oil, and hop, in the oven, high heat for 40 minutes. You can move the pieces half way to make sure they are all kind of roasted.

In the meantime, dice the onions and the apples, and smash the garlic. Caramelize it in a big saucepan with some more olive oil or butter, low heat, and covered. You can add half a glass of water if it gets too dry. If you chose to use a real chili, slice it up and add it. Otherwise, use chili powder, 2 or 3 spoons, depending on how strong it is. Ginger powder is also very good in that soup.

When the squash is roasted, place the pieces in the saucepan, cover with water. Cover, I said, not drown it ! This soup needs to be velouté, not watery. Let the water boil for another half hour, medium heat, and covered. Then add the cream, and mix it. I would advice to mix for at least 10 minutes, just to be sure everything is grinded, because the onions usually play hard to get. You can also adjust the taste adding cream or spices.

If you chronometer from the moment you start to the moment the soup is ready, it does take 1h30. But at least 50 minutes consist in “waiting for everything to get cooked”. So you have plenty of time to watch an episode of The Office / do some homework / go shower / read the other articles of my blog.

Bon appétit !