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_MG_7775Let’s start this article with a little Swedish lesson. Fika. Merienda in Spanish, goûter in French. It is like a coffee break, usually with a little pastry with it. You can have it around 10 AM with your colleagues at work, on a cosy Sunday afternoon in a tea room with a friend, or basically anytime you feel like eating a little sweet snack and relaxing. It can last from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

I like my fikas with a big cup of hot chocolate, a slice of half-baked chocolate cake with whipped cream on it, and at least 20 minutes of gossip. I’m not here to gossip, although I heard … ;) And hot chocolate, big deal : 2 big spoons of chocolate powder, a mug full of milk, microwave 1:30 minutes. So what’s left ? The chocolate cake !

My adorable and very devoted colleagues tried it for you and validated it, and my ex-colleague and friend Veronica B. asked specifically for a chocolate recipe. This is the easiest recipe ever, it is not possible to fail. For it you will need :


200 g chocolate (minimum 60%, this is a chocolate cake, not a sugar cake) ; 200 g butter ; 200 g sugar ; 5 eggs ; 1 big spoon flour

What you need to do now is, place the butter and the chocolate, that you have broken into pieces before, in a big plastic bowl, and melt it, around 1:30 / 2 minutes in the microwave. Oh, yes, of course, you can bain-marie it. But do you really want to dishwash 2 more pots ?

Once it is melted, just add everything else in the bowl and mix it well using a fork. Rub butter on a mold, pour the mixture in it with a spatula, and put in the oven, 180° for 22 minutes. Not 21 minutes, not 23 minutes.

During these 22 minutes you have plenty of time to lick the plastic bowl and fork that you previously used, and clean the mess that you made in the kitchen.

My friend Cintia Mars took these amazing pictures, and I originally found the recipe in the French book Je veux du chocolat.

Bisous bisous ;)