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I don’t understand why it is so hard to write about something we like so much ! I want to talk to you about a discovery that I made last week end, and I’ve been twisting the words for one hour, nothing comes out ! Gosh I should never have started that blog. But now that I did …

Alright, I want to write today about a face cleanser called Dark Angels that I found in Lush. Everyone knows Lush, that shop that sells smelly skin care products, so strong that your nose gets itchy just by being in the same street. I decided to hold my breath anyway, and to step inside. The salesgirl came and attacked me after 2 seconds, I think they have sales quotas … She asked what kind of skin I had. My nose gets a bit oily and some blackheads can appear if I’m not careful, however my cheeks and basically the rest of my face, are drier, and I have to moisturize it. This is called a combination skin. Which is awesome, because I have to do everything twice, first for oily skin and then for dry skin, and buy everything in double. There is no shame in that : most people have that type of skin. I am sure that you who are reading these lines, are touching your own nose and think damn, she’s right !

One of the very important things you need to do when having combination skin : SCRUB IT ! It removes the excess sebum, dead skins, impurities, and leaves your skin smooth and deeply clean.

2The Dark Angel cleanser is also a scrub. It comes as a black paste, which you have to pinch off a piece from, and add water to. It then becomes softer and runnier, and you can spread it all over your face, while massaging it with the tip of your fingers. It doesn’t “hurt”, don’t be a sissy ! It just … scratches a bit. You can choose to wash it off right away, or let it stay 5 / 10 minutes on, as a mask. The sales-girl told me that I could use it every day. Big joke ! (They do have sales quotas …) Kids, listen now : you should NE-VER scrub your face every day. The skin is a fragile organ, that gets irritated and can react badly to aggressions. Scrub it twice, maybe three times a week if you really have skin problems, but that’s it.

The first thing I did after using it : throw away all my other scrubs ! OK that was a lie, I would never do such a terrible thing, but I honestly thought of doing it. My skin was so soft I couldn’t help touch it and tell my very adorable and patient boyfriend, oh my god it’s so soft you want to feel how soft it is ? He admitted : my skin was indeed very soft.

3What else I like about it : it smells wonderful. It has a original and powerful black color. The fact that it is vegan, not tested on animals, hand-made, and composed by mostly natural products (It is not organic, but I’ll get back to that). It contains charcoal to absorb the excess sebum, black sugar to scrub, rhassul to deep-cleanse, and avocado oil to moisturize the skin.

What I like less : You cannot find it everywhere, not in France for instance. And as it is a fresh product, you only have 2 or 3 months to use it.

I hope this article made you curious, about the product itself and about the coming articles. Any questions or different or similar opinions are welcome in comments.

Bisous bisous :)


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