Yesterday I was on my knees, scrubbing my bathroom floor manually, with a clay mask on my face, wondering if I would have time to hover the living room before I take the cake out of the oven. And then it stroke me : I do not belong to 2015 ! I am a 60s housewife that was born too late.

Who I actually am : a French old woman stuck in a 23 y-o girl’s body. From Paris originally, but with a much more folkloric background, I moved to Stockholm 2 years ago.I work as customer support in the R company. Definitely not the dream job but I am happy as of now.

As a kid I made a lot of friends when I shared my chocolate bar in the playground, and discovered that giving food to people make them happy, and make them like you. I decided to learn how to cook and bake, and it helped me overcome my self-confidence issues. Also, my mom is the kind of person who can go 2 weeks with eating cereals, I had to step in !

I am also a big big big fan of clothes, make up, hairstyles, shoes, girly magazines, skin care products, jewels, … I am the kind of girl who harrass their friends for two weeks with SMS like “do you think I should cut my hair ? Do you think it’s nice like that ? But maybe a bit shorter would be nice. Like with bangs, maybe. Or should I dye it ? Do you think I would look good in blonde ? … Argh I don’t know !! Help !” Or that buys a new fondation product, and that tells e-ve-ry-one about it.

Despite all these very superficial features of mine, I do however have a brain, that I use to read books, watch documentaries, or visit art exhibitions.

I decided to create that blog so I could share with you some cooking recipes, some reviews on make up products, some opinions about books that I read or exhibitions that I have seen.

Bisous bisous ;)